Notes for Experiment #9 -- Physical Optics

Notes & Hazards

Random helpful notes for your experiment:

  1. Notes on the Theory part:
  2. Notes on the Procedure part:
  3. Some good links:


  1. Minor errors only.

Required Materials:

  1. Laboratory Manual (SGM 407)
  2. Laboratory Answer Book
  3. Calculator with statistical functions

Some Helpful Links & Miscellaneous Notes

  1. This lab should be relatively quick for most of us. The only slow-down is sorta getting used to the equipment and knowing which equation to use where. The above guidelines should help keep you on track. Note: Section 4.5 is just a whole lot of calculations so if you do some of those ahead of time (or at least setup the equations), then you should get out of lab in about 2 hours or so!
  2. Next week: Revenge of the Students, aka Teacher Evaluations! Not to mention the last 135bL lab EVER!
  3. Feedback on if you're finding these pages helpful (or not) is definitely good. So if you have any strong opinions, or, dare I say it, ideas on how to make this better, drop me a line! Also, if you have any thoughts on the midterm review, please feel free to drop me a line (it'll only help improve the final review).

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