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Physics 135bL
Quiz #10
(4pts. each)

1. T/F: The relationship between the resistance, length, and area of a resistor is always linear.
False. Not linear at some extremes.

2. Given a wire with a resistivity of 1.68 x 10-8Wm, length of 30cm, and a diameter of 2mm. Use R = rL/A to calculate its resistance: _________________________________________________
R = .002 Ohms

3. Please describe how the right hand rule works for the following vector: F = q(v x B) (feel free to use any diagrams, etc. to clarify your answer):
cross product means resultant vector is perpendicular to both; right hand rule says

4. Suppose there is a magnetic field directed into the page and there's a wire embedded in the paper horizontally. If the wire is suddenly made to carry a current from left to right, the wire:
C -- moves up.
  1. moves left.
  2. moves right.
  3. moves up.
  4. moves down.

5. Name at least one kind of transducer employed by Calvin in the following cartoon:
Speaker, microphone, keypad.

Final Quiz "Get Out of Jail Free" Cartoon: Confused about one of the questions above? The Universal Answer (© 2000, Department Of Physics ExaminationS) is hidden somewhere in the following cartoon and may be used for any 1 (ONE) question above.