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Physics 135bL
Quiz #8
(4pts. each)

1. T/F: A converging lens has a negative focal length.
False. A converging lens has positive focal length. A diverging lens produces a virtual image (usually upright); converging lens usually produces inverted, real image.

2. Suppose a positive lens has a focal length f = 20cm and an object is placed at a distance of do = 50cm from this lens. Please calculate the image distance di for this situation.
33.33 cm

3. For the above scenario, is the image virtual or real? Suppose the height of the object is ho = 10cm and the height of the image is hi = -16.7cm. Is the image inverted or upright?
Converging lens so real; negative mag. so inverted

4. Draw a diagram of the eye. Please be sure to include at least the retina, iris, cornea, and lens.


5. Suppose Calvin's dad suffers from myopia. What can you conclude about his spectacles?
B -- They have diverging lenses.
  1. They have converging lenses.
  2. They have diverging lenses.
  3. They have cylindrical lenses.
  4. They are held together with Geek® tape.