The Sethi Family's Photo Album -- Page 1

Ricky This is the guy they put in charge of the website???
Karina (Kinu) Bidani... can you tell she's the shy one in the family? Kinu Bidani
Ricky Borrowing a page from Admiral Stockdale's book: "Where am I? What am I doing here? Who are all you people???"
Angad Chug and Karina Bidani... this is one of my favourite pictures of em from the last time they visited... Angad Chug and Karina Bidani
Mona and Jatin (Ashu) Bidani Mona and Jatin (Ashu) Bidani... how many of you could guess that they just got their new digital camera? In the words of the immortal David Spade, "It's called focus... look into it."
Rajesh (Neetu) Chug... finally caught in an instant of relaxation instead of working, fixing, or otherwise messing around with his computer network... Rajesh (Neetu) Chug
Shay Bidani Shay Bidani doing Neetu one better... captured in a moment of quiet repose, as is his wont...
Why are there all these pictures of me, you ask? Well, kind reader, with great power, comes great ego... or something like that... Once again... heeeeeeeeeeeeeeere's Ricky!

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