Unix and the ElementK Virtual Machine

  1. Unix Lab Hints
  2. ElementK Unix Virtual Machine
  3. Optional

Unix Lab Hints

These are just some hints for the labs; these are not directions for any individual lab but, if you get stuck whilst doing a lab, please do refer to this guide of hints for a solution first.

Lab-specific Hints

ElementK/iLab Unix Virtual Machine Detailed Login Info

Quick instructions on how to log into the elementK/iLab Unix Virtual Machine.

Nota Bene: if you wait till the weekend to do the lab, please be aware that you might experience significant performance degradation as a lot of students in other classes put off the lab until the last minute and the load on the Virtual Machine server increases exponentially over the weekend, as compared to during the week.

  1. Log into ElementK/iLab first: http://knowledge.elementk.com/. You'll see the following screen:

    where you can login with your D-number and Birthdate (Hire date for instructors).
  2. Once logged in, please go to the Catalog in order to launch the Unix Virtual Machine:

    You may choose any of the Comp328 Labs in order to get to the Unix Virtual Machine.
  3. At the next screen, please click the Lab Content tab and you'll see the screen below:

    Next, please click the Access vLab button to launch the lab.
  4. Next, you should see the login screen:

    Here, you have to enter the lab reviewer email. You may enter any email you like here and then click Next.
  5. At this point, you should see the screen below:

    Now you're ready to click the START LAB NOW button.
  6. Your lab will now start to initialize:

    Next, you'll see the image of a computer with the phrase Click on the diagram to start your Virtual Lab experience. Click the diagram and a new window should open up.
  7. This new window will contain your new Unix Virtual Machine:

    You can log into this Unix Virtual Machine with the username root and password password.



A sample BASH shell script:
dir=$HOME/bankstatements/`date +'%Y%m%d'`
for x in grep -l "Bank Statement" $HOME/incoming/a*; do
mkdir -p $dir
mv $x $dir


Please note: This part is completely optional. Please find below, the format necessary to access ElementK's FTP resources. Please note that this login varies from the format used to access ElementK's vLabs (https://knowledge.elementk.com/).
Ricky J. Sethi, PhD <rickys@sethi.org>
Last updated: Friday, July 13 2012